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My journey into Entrepreneurship begins today, on a gloomy Monday morning in Boston listening to my favorite music while writing about my future. After five years in the corporate world I made a tough decision to leave my company in pursuit of my deepest passions in life. I’m more than blessed for all of the opportunities I have had, but now is the time I start listening to my gut and make decisions that are of the utmost importance to my future success. Not only am I happy, I’m excited about what I can make of myself in this world that begins now!

Introducing The SMARTGOLF Putter, A Revolution In The World of Golf Training

SMARTGOLF has launched its new Kickstarter campaign for their newest innovation in the world of golf technology in the form of a putter. Featuring an associated application, this Smart putter is designed to help people with busy lives practice putting whenever and wherever they want just by connecting the putter to a phone, tablet or any other smart device.

HeadSpeed Golf Is Revolutionizing The Way Recreational Golfers Improve Their Game

Cory Firth and Chris Jepson, founders of HeadSpeed Golf, are revolutionizing the way recreational and amateur golfers improve their game. HeadSpeed Golf is inspired by Maxwell Maltz's book, Psycho-Cybernetics. Cory and Chris are bringing Maltz's powerful concepts to golfers with their growing hashtag #BRAINTOBALL, along with an array of products, accessories, free improvement resources, and more. Read their interview to learn about how Cory and Chris are working 9-5 jobs while creating a career out of their passion for golf and self-improvement.

Eddy Lui: Founder & CEO of 18Birdies

Golf Entrepreneur Profile: Name: Eddy Lui Company: 18Birdies Location: Oakland, CA Website: (IG: @18Birdiesapp | Twitter: @18birdiesapp | Facebook: @18birdies “Good or bad, the most important thing is not what just...

Professional Golfer Jordan Thomas

ordan Thomas is a 25-year-old professional golfer out of Ventura, California. While playing mini-tours and preparing for Q-School, Jordan works a sales job for an indoor golf center and caddies to help fund his career. In his interview, Jordan answered a few questions for us on what it is like to be a professional golfer working his way through mini-tours.

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Episode 16: How Zac Radford Became a Premier Social Media Influencer in Golf

Zac Radford got into social media a little over a year ago as a way to hopefully build a brand that would help him in his pursuit of the PGA Tour. He took a unique approach to his photography, and it has exploded across the world of golf. Now, Zac has become a premier social media influencer in golf and has some amazing plans for his future. Check out Episode 16 to hear Zac and I talk about getting started in professional golf, the opportunity that social media has created for athletes, how he is trying to grow the game, and much more.

My Journey to Scratch – Part I

This monthly column will look at the game from the aspect of the aspiring amateur. From dealing with the frustrations of the game, the confusion of the rules to the constant bombardment of big promises made on infomercials promising that this club will be longer, straighter and more consistent than any other club…well, at least until the next generation of that club is released.  This column will chronicle my journey from shooting 102, watching countless hours of golf videos on the internet to my current goal of competing on a mini-tour. Above all else, it is my hope that this column will educate, entertain and, perhaps, motivate someone to join me on this journey by picking up the game or striving to improve their game.

Episode 15: How Sphera Golf is Introducing an Industry Disrupting Product

Meet Patrick Kraft, founder of start-up golf ball company, Sphera Golf. Pat is taking an industry disrupting approach to his business model. Provide golfers a ball with equal quality to the big brands at half the price. Pat transitioned from his finance job to the entrepreneurial world of golf because of a realization. Pat noticed an opportunity in the 1.5 billion dollar golf ball market when Costco made waves with their Kirkland Signature golf ball. Pat went all in learning the ins and outs of what makes a great ball. The results are superb. Pat is giving golfers the ability to play a high-quality ball while not hurting their wallets. I am sure many of you will appreciate that! Check out Episode 15 of G&E The Podcast, to listen to Patrick Kraft talk about his decision to start his innovative golf ball company and what he has learned since.

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